Three Filmmakers

Working Class Magazine’s SMUT Issue


3film-crystal_bryce ward

Crystal Moselle is a Marin County/San Francisco native who traveled across the continent to attend The School of Visual Arts.  She splits her time between NYC and Los Angeles.  Among her credits is a documentary about Taylor Meade, a crony of Andy Warhol. Moselle is known for capturing footage of hot young things in short film and commercial form for various well known clothing companies including personal friend and it-girl Cory Kennedy.

Moselle says that truth and sentiment are the two main goals of her pieces. Woody Allen sparked her interest in the film making process.  She prefers to incorporate sexual undertones in her projects instead of making them overt and vows that sexiness should be natural, not hard work. Moselle believes Americans are guilty of the latter and she’s over it. Although, Crystal says “we all want a hot bitch to look at”.

3film_micki_bryce ward

Next up, for all you modern Goths out there, Micki Pellerano from Miami is your guy.  Pellerano has lived in New York for over a decade,.  His work compels interest in the ones with dark proclivities, as well as anyone interested in the un-seen or the the occult.  His films are very well thought out, well researched and display some nudity.  Pellerano says people are generally okay with being naked on film.  His pieces can best be described as a cross between a Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails music video and a Greg Araki movie, done in stark black and white.

In The Language of Leaves, a key character is the Gnostic Sophia with breasts that give off [alchemical tinctures- what does this mean?] also portrayed as a mermaid in ancient etchings.  Pellerano addresses Alistair Crowley’s system of sex magic in Meditations on the Number 10, which is a fascinating short about the histories and beliefs assigned to one and zero which also comprise binary code, coming together to create ten.  The one symbolizes the male genitals and the zero that of the female. Pellerano tells us stories come from European, Chinese, Arabic alchemy and talk about tantric teachings from Buddhist, Hindu and Jain religions and sexual secrets from the rites of Freemasons.  The Golden Dawn, an offshoot of Freemasonry practiced sexual magic.  Pellerano’s company is called Abraxas Films, after the character in the Hermann Hesse book Demian.  Get clued in to attend Pellerano’s performances in Brooklyn, usually featuring scantily clad vixens re-enacting rites and rituals and specially designed shows by the director himself.

3film_david_bryce ward

Our third provocative filmmaker is David Foote from Argentina.  Foote’s work combines film and illustration.  He trained at Parson’s School of Art in New York for four years in animation and illustration.  David says drawing and painting half naked women is organic for him.  His influences are in pop art and Japanimation and also from Klimt, Sheile, and Picasso, Dali and Mucha.  Classical music, particularly Strauss, also affects David’s work.  In his short films, David seeks to show sensuality “evoked by the intricate layers of the female persona”.  This is portrayed in ‘Dining Hall 838’ where everyone has on a painted mask of a façade to disguise the lustiness in their hearts, which is shown in blatant imagery.

David has taken his sexy romp of a mocumentary entitled Hamptons Bikini Blood Bath to festivals.  It stars model and actress Leah Carey who has graced the cover of Visionaire.  David has also directed music videos for bands like The Sword.  David calls his company Fluorescent Films.  The flash page is David drawing with a sharpie on a naked gal who looks just like Twiggy/Edie Sedgwick.

Any of the work of these three filmmakers is guaranteed to turn you on and melt even the most frigid into a pool of warm sensuality or something…

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