Who’s Thuc, besides being a Vietnamese woman with an American and an Irish passport?

Thuc was born in Vietnam and escaped with her family as a child boat person. After staying in a couple refugee camps in Malaysia and Indonesia, they were sponsored to the US by Gordon Street Christian Church in Kinston, North Carolina. Thuc grew up in The American South– in Lenoir and Wake County, North Carolina and then in Charles County, Maryland. She spent much of her childhood with an older Jewish couple named Faith and Stanley Pearson, along with other adopted grandparents like Eleanor Smith, Joanne and Billy Boone, and Joanne and Oscar Price in small town North Carolina.

Thuc skipped the country after college and worked in London, UK for Amnesty International and for Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising. She then moved back stateside and worked in advertising and marketing in New York City where she was roommates with the drag queen Miss-tress Formika aka Michael Formika Jones. They met at La Nouvelle Justine by The Chelsea Hotel and worked in nightclubs together on the weekends after Thuc worked shifts in East Village restaurants like Goldfinch, 26 Seats and others.

Thuc moved to Los Angeles not long after 9/11 and worked as an entertainment assistant. She put herself through night school at UCLA to get a screenwriting certificate. Since then she’s gone back for more schooling (a Master’s Degree and started a PhD in Rhetoric). She’s written for various magazines. Thuc works in the commercial world- only to support her writing habit. Thuc’s screenplays feature friendships between people of various races.

Thuc’s really glad to have been part of marches/rallies/sit-ins through-out her life- namely Occupy London (St. Paul’s), BLM + Women’s Day + May Day marches all in Downtown Los Angeles and Standing Rock #MniWiconi in North Dakota. Her dogs are protest pups!

Thuc’s new fun is starting Spooky Spaces – ooh wahahha


Featured in:

Indiewire’s “Heroines of Cinema” during Cannes

Just for fun Tomboy-TV

Pals and work partners: The Satanic Temple – TV

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