Video Writing/Directing

I used to not think I had “the personality” or the “skills” to direct, but I figured out I’m a person with feelings and can get actors to convey things for me, so I began and I’m still learning (and sometimes I have to be in stuff because actors drop out… alas) –

Hope you enjoy some experimental stuff I made with wonderful groups of people:

Tinderitis – made with a great group of performers and Bohdi Films, USA/Paris. We all have that friend- the one who got us to sign up for dating apps. This is a he said/she said rewind piece

Found Art – made for Nerdist Fieldday, also made in five hours

Trv Cvlt – with super cool music by Jacques Brautbar from Phantom Planet

Test Friends Forever – made for YOMYOMF, based on filming prompt with lines by Henry David Hwang

“Toni” Lahren – a series spoofing Tomi Lahren

Goth Parking Lot – yes, this was approved by the makers of Heavy Metal Parking Lot!

SUPER EXPERIMENTAL SHORTS made with friends, way back when

(The FAG: Franklin Avenue Gang, Hollywood 90027)

Butterknife – about a dog assassin, inspired by Machete, shot in Silverlake, Los Angeles

The Devil as a Young Man – shot around Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Orange Counties

A Day in LA – music to moving pictures editing practice fun

Club Rock 2000 – hanging with Michael Formika Jones aka Mistress Formika, the Toilet Boys, Miss Guy, Debbie Harry at the turn of the century, Downtown NYC, East Village