Making & Distributing Content




Basic Photoshop

Basic HTML

Photoshoot Production

iphone Photography

Interviewing, Sourcing Subjects

Social Media: Twitter/Pinterest/Facebook/Youtube/Google+/Instagram

Online Marketing Strategy
-Thanked in the book *Brand Spirit* by Marjorie Thompson & Hamish Pringle while we were all at Saatchi & Saatchi London, UK
-Electric Artists, now called Bond Strategy & Influence. Projects with Alfonso Smith & Susan Sidel
Clients: Garbage, Depeche Mode
– Projects with Alfonso Smith
Clients: 75ark, 360hiphop



Screenplay/Teleplay Coverage and Analysis

Website Project Management

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 10.17.54 AMScreen Shot 2014-05-20 at 10.14.59 AM




Playing basketball

@ the request of director Fredrik Bond, WCRS and MJZ UK (because it’s hard to come by Asian-American women in Los Angeles who are super ballers #TarHeels) and inventing words for Fredrik’s milkmaid in this award winning campaign:

Yes, I made up all the dialogue- not a real language

I can dribble with prosthetics on and dunk on big guys with the help of some wire work

Great team: Creative Circle UK Bronze Honours for Best Campaign or Series: TV, Cinema, Viral

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