Thuc is a translator for The Academy Award nominated “Last Days in Vietnam” by Rory Kennedy

Sundance Film Festival has Thuc back for #Sundance2021

USA Today – Print edition

BBC Word Service: Thuc and her parents talk about being Vietnamese American boat people refugees in the US & Ke Huy Quan’s Oscar win

Voice of America: Thuc speaks about #KreweofMungBeans The Mystic #KreweofMungBeans – A Vietnamese American Krewe in Mardi Gras

New Orleans Times Picayune – Scent of the Delta, the road to production

Clarification: Thuc Doan Nguyen is a 2020 Sundance Institute Inclusion Initiative Fellowship winner, allowing her to attend the 2020 festival in Park City, Utah

Deadline – Scent of the Delta To Begin Filming in Louisiana in 2023

Cinema Femme – Three Women on a Mission – Scent of the Delta

The Roots and Roots Show – Honored to be one of the Asians on this episode

Vietcetera – Vietnamese Women’s Day 2021

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The Los Angeles Times – Company Town, June 2021

News 1 – Report on Thuc & AAPI-Representation in Hollywood

Ms. Magazine with The Inclusion Rider

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The Los Angeles Times – Company Town, March 2021

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Creative Screenwriting, with film producers of things you’ve seen & love

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Killer Shorts – Being a Woman in Horror!

What Defines a Generation? – Thuc Doan Nguyen is trying to figure this out – By Ian Shapira for TheWashington Post

A few awards + grants in the news

Vancouver Asian Film Festival

Thuc’s film poster is featured as the Marquee Month (November) for the Fest’s annual calendar P&A for her short film were funded by The City of Vancouver, Creative British Columbia & Telefilm Canada

Sundance Film Festival 2020 Inclusion Initiative

Thuc’s participation is funded by Netflix, Open Society Foundations, MacArthur Foundation, Rotten Tomatoes +, With support from Times Up Now, Nathan Cummings Foundation

Lynn Shelton Grant

Lynn Shelton’s Of A Certain Age Grant Nominees: 25 Women & Non-Binary Filmmakers to Watch

For more on Thuc, go here


Thuc with Nhi Corcoran & Thu Do on Vietverse

Thuc shoots the sh*t with film producer Jason Lin of The Linsider

Thuc talks with the hosts of Screamwriters

Thuc in conversation with cool folks like Shirley Li from The Atlantic, for They Call Us Bruce

(Phil Yu aka Angry Asian Man & Jeff Yang)

Hosting filmmakers and programmers of The Slamdance Film Festival

Glad to part of this community! Working on stuff for Slamdance 2022

Please note that #StartWith8Hollywood was created by Thuc Doan Nguyen (*Very strongly not affiliated with the trademarked “#StartWith8”, WOCU/JTC-List or its representatives or any monetization of inclusion/mentoring schemes).

#StartWith8Hollywood is an idea to get people in Hollywood to talk with 8 new Women of Color friends to facilitate discussions across humanity.

#StartWith8HollywoodNorth is a sister initiative by Murry Peeters for the Canadian entertainment industry.

The original “Start With 8” and that hashtag were from the tech industry- a project of Alpha Edison and friends.