Film decks

Presentations for completed screenplays

(unless otherwise noted)

Influences: Karyn Kusama, Antonio Campos – Donald Ray Pollock, Nic Pizzolatto, Chloé Zhao, Stephen King, Mick Garris, Stanley Kubrick,

Merchant Ivory, Helen Fielding, Martin Amis, Kurt Vonnegut +

In alphabetical order:

Blasian Takedown (working title)

A story about the truths of the

Non-Profit Industrial Complex

Blood Drop Killers

The Blue Dog’s Fortune

(The Goonies x National Treasure)

The Devil Made Me Do It in New Orleans – short film

The Final Four

Hag Stone


Mindy Wu Tran Versus Silicon Beach

Scent of the Delta

The Stroke After Midnight

WELL… (teen slasher feature)

Winning aka #Nguyening – short film

Overall HORROR features offerings

Rom-Coms +

*The cool pics on this page are snagged from NOLA Photo Guild & WSJ