How to Set Up Your Dating Profile

Was editor in chief for magazine for menswear client:


DATE. It’s a four letter word.

Find love. Don’t find yourself embarrassed.

Spring is right around the corner. We have extra day light now and so many things to be happy about. Soon, your hormones will be kicking in with the warmer weather. It’s nature. Now, listen to us so you don’t trip yourself up.

Trying to date online is kinda the same as attempting to do so in real life, but a little different, ie. lots more people will see your profile and can refer back to it, as compared with people you might meet face to face in a dark club or at the grocery store. Awkward things you do or say in person might not be so easy for others to recall.

Let’s make sure you don’t cause permanent damage to your reputation with something people can screen shot and show their friends. Don’t dispense information that may haunt you down the road. Sure, most of these things seem like common sense, but so many people are guilty of breaking these simple rules.

1. Keep it light. You don’t have to try to justify why you’re trying online dating! Don’t say things like “I just broke up with someone” for instance or “I never do this sort of thing”. Just get on with why you’re wonderful.

2. Talk about something other than your ex. TMI, that’s “too much information”. No one wants to know. Maybe if you become great friends with someone you meet, then sure, tell them down the road. It’s kind of like a job interview- you don’t want to say what went wrong with your last gig. It’s better to accentuate what you have to offer instead.

3. Put your best foot forward. Don’t talk about all your pet peeves up front. It’s a turn off. Imagine going out with someone and that’s all they did all night. You’d say “bye”.   Be open minded.

4. List your faves sparingly.  Just name a few- let’s say your top 5 if you must. Does anyone really want to see giant chunks of band names and movie titles that you think define you? Make people you meet want to find out more. Don’t make up stuff because you think people reading it will perceive you as smarter or hipper. It’s too much work to pretend to be into stuff you’re not.

5. Use a photo of you that’s from the last 3 months. If you post a pic from 10 years ago: when your dates meet you in person and you don’t match up, they will hate you for wasting their time. Do yourself a favor and find a snap shot that is current and show who you really are. Sure, people lie online all the time, but your picture is worth a thousand words. Do you really want some of those words to be things like “what the f*ck?”, “really?” or “are you kidding me?”?  Side note: Even if your pictures are current, but they’re all of you and your friends, how is someone supposed to know which one you are?

After you get responses to your profile and someone else actually trusts you enough to trade information with you:

1. Text only to make plans.  Wait until you see them in person to ask about their life story.


Overall, please practice common sense and stay stay.

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