Gal Feature: Chelsea Victoria

GF = Gal Feature
Ok, Girl Friend?

Chelsea Victoria: Karaoke Queen, Amongst Other Things

Chelsea Victoria Robbins is a guy’s gal who’s bringing LA into another hey day. She’s spawned a karaoke revolution, starting a night called Stripperoke at Cheetah’s Gentelmen’s Club in Hollywood. Who wouldn’t want to sing with a hot dancer accompanying you while you belt out a tune?


Chelsea’s also helping out with Riki Rachtman’s weekly FUC-Karaoke. Mr. Rachtman is from the classic MTV show Headbangers Ball.


When she’s not getting people to over come their inhibitions with live singing on stage, Chelsea works in the wardrobe department of a well known television show.


And when she’s not doing that, she’s the front woman for As If & The Whatevers, who just back from a mini- West Coast tour.

Listen to Virgin Who Can’t Drive here:


Makes ya think of “Valley Girl”. Frank Zappa would be so proud.



Really, Chelsea, is there only one of you? Can you keep up with her?


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