No Rest Until SXSW

Blogging for menswear client:

South by Southwest starts next Friday. Are you ready?

The Beastie Boys may have said, “no sleep til Brooklyn”, but we know that if you’re going to SXSW next week in Austin, Texas, getting some shut-eye will probably be tough. Whether you’re going for the newest in tech, movies or music, pack pieces that will make you pop.

To inspire you, here’s some style from Austin’s storied history–

Filmmaker Richard Linklater made Dazed and Confused about party hunters and locals of the cool town. Check out Matthew McConaughey and company from the movie. Get some similar duds that can give you their retro style (hair and mustache are optional).



photo source: Mr. Mustache Knows

Blind ‘em with science n’ tech and/or with your white hot jeans


Pull on your cowboy boots, then throw an oil slick black button up to complete the Southwest look:

Robert Rodriguez

photo source: Movie Pins

Roberto Rodriguez is another one of Austin’s native sons. He’s wowed the world with flicks like From Dust Til Dawn, Sin City and Planet Terror. Rodriguez actually got his start with a seven thousand dollar film called El Mariachi, with the titular character played by Antonio Banderas.


What’re you most looking forward to at SXSW?


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