How to Survive Vegas

Was editor in chief for magazine for menswear client:


You want to get out of town, hop in the car or on a plane and go to that destination- “Sin City”. It’s where The Rat Pack hung out. It’s also where everyone has their bachelor/bachelorette parties, where nothing closes, where you can drink or smoke anywhere. Vegas looks like a great deal, often with average hotel rooms running $35-55.00 a night. Don’t be fooled. There’s some smoke and mirrors going on.

First, think about where you want to stay. The Strip on Las Vegas Boulevard has most of the action. The Excalibur is the one that looks like a Disney castle- there are a lot of family and kids there, so consider that. The Strip has The Forum Shops and Fashion Show, both with stores that will blow you away.

Downtown has a younger vibe to it, despite not having all of the modern flash of The Strip. #DTLV features Fremont Street which has some amazing vintage neon and a pedestrian promenade with casinos like The Four Queens and The Golden Nugget. Plus you can zip line above these places. Downtown also has hip places Beauty Bar and The Griffin.

We learned some general tips that we want to pass onto you.

#1 If you get married at any of those little wedding chapels that dot Las Vegas Boulevard near downtown, make sure you mean it. Same with getting a tattoo, k?

Now for the other stuff.

Here are some things to think about before heading out to your Vegas adventure:

Bring water to your hotel – get a six pack of water bottles or bring your reusable bottle and get a couple gallons to refill it with.  Often bottled water prices are hiked up, as much as $5/$6 for a 12 ounce bottle.

The walk to your hotel room might seem like about a mile. Hotels on The Strip have thousands of rooms each. The casinos and shopping malls themselves are mazes. They’re designed to keep you going in circles so you spend more money. Wear reasonable shoes. Your feet will thank you.

You might want to get a small coffee maker, filters and coffee and creamer to bring with. No hotel rooms have them (or refrigerators either)- from nicer resorts like The MGM to more middle grade ones like The Flamingo. When you get up from a night of running around, you might not want to go all the way downstairs again just to get some caffeine. Or bring bottled/canned caffeinated beverages.

Earplugs will go a long way. Chances are there your neighbors where you’re staying will have come to Vegas to party. Our’s came in at 7:30 am after a night out and wouldn’t shut their traps.

Carry some  personal lotion. The enemy is dehydration in the desert. You’ll want to stay moisturized.

Drinking on an empty stomach is bad for you, so keep reading.

Don’t Forget to Eat:

Hash House A Go Go is “Twisted Farm Food”.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 4.45.51 PM

photo source: Random Meal of the Day

This place has two locations- inside The Quad Hotel on The Strip and inside The Plaza Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas. The Sage Chicken & Waffles is $16.95, but you can feed four people with it. They put the bacon inside the four waffles they give you!

The Peppermill is a Vegas institution. It’s been around for 40 years.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 4.41.59 PM

photo source: Vegas Magazine

Main Street Station Garden Buffet


photo source: Oyster

Yelp rated this one really high, right after the ones at ballin’ mega casinos like Caesar’s buffets. We tried the $11.99 bottomless champagne brunch and got endless amounts of great stuff like really crisp bacon, collard greens, blintzes, and banana cream pie just to name a few of the items available. It’s inside The Main Street Casino, which is set up to resemble the Old West with some New Orleans to it.

Your bags packed yet?

By: Thuc Nguyen

Before coming to Los Angeles, Thuc was raised by a pack of wild drag queens in New York City. Before that she worked in London, and before that she went to college in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and grew up in the woods of Southern Maryland. When Thuc isn’t cool hunting for you, she’s writing screenplays about zombies and historical figures, but not together in the same stories though. Find her also @paidtobenice.

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